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Use Scenarios


    The use cases below illustrate usage scenarios repository:
    Use Case I (Transparency): Currently some Government areas providing data on the Web at non-standard formats (Excel, PDF, etc). The lack of standardization of such data creates barriers for third parties to consume and analyze data, effectively reducing the transparency of government. Data related to public spending, procurement and contracts can be made available as Linked Open Data, facilitating the creation of applications for consumption and analysis of these data by third parties, increasing the effective transparency.
    Use Case II (Government-population Collaboration): Data of intelligence containing statistics on social assistance, education and violence can be made available as Linked Data, facilitating that others can consume and analyze data. This process maximizes the return on investment in collecting and curing of the data.
    Use Case III (Visibility of public and private): Public utility services such as points of interest, trade information, transportation, events, traffic information can be concentrated on Linked Data repositories for applications developed by enterprises, organs of media and citizens can use them for various purposes. Within this scenario, a company can develop a mobile application with the main points of interest, trade and public utilities for the tourists, while a news site might list the major events in the city.
    Use Case IV (inter-sectoral integration): Databases of the government sectors can be integrated with ease using the standards of Linked Data. This allows different government sectors can work together in close proximity to the solution of common problems. Departments of social assistance, for example, can use data of education and health to coordinate more effective strategies to solve social problems.