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RNP Programme


     The RNP was created in 1989 by the Science and Technology Ministry (MCT) with the objective of building a national Internet network for the academic community. In 2005, the MCT launched the Nova RNP (New RNP). The objective was to improve network infrastructure at the national, metropolitan and local levels (campus networks); using applications and innovative services, serve the needs of specific communities (telemedicine, biodiversity, astronomy, etc.); and promote the qualification of human resources in information and communication technologies.


     The National Education and Research Network – RNP is a Information Priority Programme  of Informatic Policy Department of  Science and Technology Ministry (Sepin / MCT) and administered by the social organization AsRNP - Association National Education and Research. This program provides the maintenance of a national academic network that is at the same time, an high performance infrastructure for communication between educational and research institutions and a laboratory for testing and application development and advanced networking technologies.

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RNP Work Groups Programme



    As a way to promote interaction between the internal activities of RNP and research groups in different subject areas, and also to promote continuous innovation in ways of services and applications on the network, was created in 2002 the RNP Work Groups Programme (GT-RNP). This program aims to develop collaborative projects that can demonstrate the viability of using new protocols, services and networking applications that enable RNP to expand the supply of services through partnership with the research community.
    Thus, through the Call for Proposals, RNP annually invites the research community, composed of researchers from public or private institutions to submit proposals for collaborative projects, thus compounding the Working Groups.



GT - LinkedDataBR


   This project was approved on 29/10/2010 for participation of RNP Program-GT 2010-2011 - Phase 1 lasting 1 year and the start-date on 01/11/2010.
   The project team consists of researchers from public and private institutions, selected as partners for collaborative development. The team has a coordinator and an assistant coordinator, and has the monitoring of one or more RNP technical.
    In the first phase, the group must develop and demonstrate a prototype, in order to validate the proposed new service. Based on the results of several prototypes and the characteristics of services offered, RNP selects some GTs of the first phase to continue their work for another year. In this second phase, the Working Groups should continue the development of a prototype product from the previous phase, with the goal of implementing a pilot service within a limited scope of user institutions, together with the RNP. In case of approval of the pilot service, RNP may opt for trial deployment of the service, when they will be negotiated with the coordinator of the GT and RNP intellectual property rights related to this service.