CRIWG 2011 Accepted Papers


CRIWG 2011 Accepted Papers List


  • Hengameh Irandoust. Interference Management Mechanisms and Socio-Cognitive Constructs in Cooperative Relationships
  • Gabriela Noemi Aranda, Aurora Vizcaíno, José Luis Hernández, Ramón R. Palacio and Alberto L. Morán. Trusty: A tool to improve communication and collaboration in DSD
  • Mercy Amiyo and Josephine Nabukenya. A Collaboration Support Environment for Decision Enhancement in Business Process Improvement
  • Yusuke Hayashi, Seiji Isotani, Jacqueline Bourdeau and Riichiro Mizoguchi. A Common Model of Didactic and Collaborative Learning for Theory-aware Authoring Support
  • Stefan Werner Knoll, Jana Schumann, Thomas Matzdorf, Ayneta Adege, Martin Linnemann and Graham Horton. A Transfer Approach for Facilitation Knowledge in Computer-Supported Collaboration
  • Maria Paula Saba Dos Reis, Denise Filippo, Fernando R. Pereira and Pedro Luiz De Souza. Hey yaa: a Haptic Warning Wearable to Support Deaf People Communication
  • Hannes Olivier and Niels Pinkwart. Does “Virtually Being There” Help? Comparing Collaborative Work between 3D and 2D conditions
  • Francisco Gutierrez, Nelson Baloian and Gustavo Zurita. Boosting Participation in Virtual Communities
  • Thais Castro, Hugo Fuks, David Robertson and Alberto Castro. Identifying the Need to Intervene: Analysis and Representation of Interaction Patterns in Group Programming Learning
  • Claudinei Dias, Marcelo S. Hounsell, Maurício Aronne Pillon and Carla Diacui Medeiros Berkenbrock. Design and Implementation of a 3D Collaborative Telerobotic Simulator
  • Juliana Bezerra and Celso Hirata. Motivation and its Mechanisms in Virtual Communities
  • Lucas Santos De Oliveira and Marco Gerosa. Collaborative Features in Content Sharing Web 2.0 Social Networks: A Domain Engineering based on the 3C Collaboration Model
  • Rafael Leonardo Vivian, Elisa Hatsue Moriya Huzita, Gislaine Camila Lapasini Leal and Ana Paula Chaves. Context-Awareness on Software Artifacts in Distributed Software Development: A Systematic Review
  • Tanja Buttler, Jordan Janeiro, Stephan Lukosch and Robert O. Briggs. Beyond GSS: Fitting Collaboration Technology to a Given Work Practice
  • Ismael Santos, Alberto Raposo, Paulo Rodrigues, Rogério Souza and Wagner Gomes. A Collaborative Environment for Offshore Engineering Simulations
  • Benjamim Fonseca, Hugo Paredes, Lt. Jorge Rafael, Leonel Morgado and Paulo Martins. A Software Architecture for Collaborative Training in Virtual Worlds: F-16 airplane engine maintenance
  • Pedro Treccani and Cleidson De Souza. An empirical study about agile methodologies application and collaboration in Brazilian organizations
  • Saqib Saeed, Markus Rohde and Volker Wulf. Communicating in a Transnational Network of Social Activists: The Crucial Importance of Mailing List Usage